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Ricky Tim’s Luminarium Seminar – by Nancy Anderson

For those who were unable to  attend Ricky Tims Luminarium,  you missed a treat in many ways. He was entertaining, informative, enthusiastic and much more. It is hard to condense a weekend to a few paragraphs.

There was an array of beautiful hand-dyed fabrics to drool over and/or buy and ways of using a color wheel’s many schemes with them.

I loved his ‘Caveman’ quilting that used no quarter-inch seams ( most of the time), no measuring and no rulers/ templates. Also, to always cut fabrics right side up with this style.

One of Ricky’s suggestions was a self-evaluation on Creativity- who are you?   Are you confident, talented, organized, artistic, teacher, internet GURU, writer,  over- whelmed or control freak?

Confident?     Identify and pursue.

Talented?       Just do it! You will not advance without practice.

Organized?     Organized people accomplish more.

Artistic?           Professional or as a hobby.

Teacher?          Changes lives of those they inspire. Can be one or many.

Internet Guru? Can reach the world and share your passion.

Writer?              Let your voice be heard.

Control Freak?  You do not have to be in control of every detail of your creative self.


Creative Spectator- never makes a quilt but criticizes flaws of others.

Dilly-Dallier. – Time is our enemy and less productive is being wishy-washy about     moving forward.

The Self-Doubter. Prioritize choices and spend time on ones that matter most.

Distractions-  Jumping around can be an enemy, make an effort to stay on track.

Excuses…………….but, but, but.              Excuses can sidetrack our creativity. A good excuse is still an excuse.

Are you a Starter Never-Finisher? You will find yourself discouraged and unrewarded. Not all projects are home runs but finishing is rewarding and you will evolve and improve as you move to the next project.


Know who is on your side. We all need allies. Here is a list of most valuable people you will know.

Cheerleader- Someone to shout ‘whoo-hoo’ for you.

The Sounding Board- Those who know and understand the process of your creativity and the challenges you face and moments you celebrate.

The Yoda- Their words and advice you respect when you don’t know where to turn. The one you turn to is your Yoda.

One of the final things Ricky shared was a promise to finish a UFO after one of his trips. When he pulled the project out after several years on the shelf, it only took a short while to complete it!   It was a Whoo-hoo moment for him. Just take a UFO out and look at it with fresh eyes. If you know why it was uninspiring for you, maybe a few simple changes and you will love it. If not, re-shelf or pass it to another pair of eyes to change and maybe love it.

If Ricky has another event within driving distance I plan to attend. Well worth the time and money and I think you will think so also.

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